Friday, May 4, 2018

Football Federation Lottery Draw Result 2018 | BAFUFE Lottery Draw 2018


Bangladesh Football Federation Lottery Draw Result 2018 | BAFUFE Lottery Draw 2018.  BFF Dev Lottery results 2018. We would like to inform you that Bangladesh Football Federation BFF's draw results will be displayed next 05.07.2018. You can easily verify your desired lottery number from our website. share with your friends about this lottery draw, who buy this lottery ticket. So, looking forward your desire Football Federation Lottery Draw Result 2018.

BAFUFE Lottery Draw 2018

Those who want to know the results, they can post all our posts and you can get it very quickly. You must know that there is nothing new about this lottery. However, we would like to inform you some information about the award of this lottery. The following information is given:

First Prize: 30 Lac (1)
Second Prize: 5 Lac (1)
Third Prize: 2 Lac (1)

The lottery winners will get: The first prize is cash of Thirty lakh TK. (1), the second prize cash is five lakh TK. (1) third prize cash two lakhs TK. (1), etc. The combination of prizes.

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Jatio lottary ticket

You can now buy this lottery ticket by your mobile phone. bellow we submit process how you buy this 20 TK lottery Ticket.

1st Step: Go to your Mobile Massage option.
2nd Step: Type in Massage: BFF
3rd Step: Send 16329 

BFF 20 Taka Lottery 2018

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Bafufe lottery ticket draw: Bafufe Mean Bangladesh football federation. BAFUFE combined a lottery ticket program for helping all poor footballer. they want help every people who like football playing with him/her mind.
Football Federation Lottery Draw Result 2018