Saturday, August 6, 2016

NTRCA Teachers Appointed as New Rules


NTRCA Teachers Appointed as New Rules. Non-Government Teachers Recruit will be new system. Non-Govt. school teachers in appointing a new circular issued by the Ministry of Education rules. Paryadera carried out in accordance with the approval of the new rules in hiring demand New Rules school district education officer (UNO) to send. There are about 19 private secondary schools of the country, three thousand colleges and madrasas around 9 thousand. The Ministry of Education has issued new rules for appointment of school teachers. Pet registration, examinations and certification of fixed rules, of 2006. Private school teacher recruitment procedure to be followed on December 30 issued a circular had been taught.

Those who are looking forward to hiring

Pet registration around six million candidates passed the examination. Among them, 64 thousand 322 people, has been appointed. The October 1 Pet registration, examinations and certification rules by amending the Ministry of Education. Paryadera manage to diminish the power of the teacher recruitment. November 11 until further notice in a circular issued by the Ministry of Education appointed stopped. According to the Ministry of Education, the new circular was issued the order was canceled. There was no longer a barrier to teacher recruitment. But it will have to comply with the new rules.

First, demand

 According to the circular, the head of the managing committee or the governing body of each private educational institutions in the next year, the company with the approval of the teachers 'positions to be recruited' on demand, or a police officer will send it to secondary education. Upazila Secondary Education Officer or police station together all the educational needs of the district education officer on 31 October to send in a coordinated demand. November 30, to integrate the needs of the district, the district education officer will send a comprehensive demand Pet Registration and Certification Authority (enatiarasie) said.

Will test enatiarasie

Register or enatiarasie will test each candidate bachaisankranta all. Or thematic terms, according to the needs of national, divisional, district and upazila or thanaoyari merit list prepared by the company will announce the results. At least two months before the managing committee for the appointment of teachers or with the approval of the governing body of the organization's human resources, the availability of quotas set by the government, referring to the structure of the organization will send enatiarasiete adhiyacanapatra.

Online Application

Adhiyacanapatrera (requisition) enatiarasiera on the basis of (ihahtpadhamaranapha) enatiarasie will promote the recruitment notice. The registered candidates to apply online. After application needs and merit list will be sent to educational institutions in accordance with the names of candidates for each position opposite one. Accordingly, within a month, along with the appointment of the selected candidate will be issued a managing committee or governing body.

Candidates will receive priority on

At the time of the appointment or election of a candidate on the list of priority. Once the list of suitable candidates at the district and divisional medhatalikake will be given priority, even if it is missing. If not, the list of candidates to the list of the department will be considered. The divisional headquarters is located in the department of educational institutions will receive priority in recruiting candidates. As the capital city of Dhaka City Corporation is located in the north and the south in recruiting students will not be considered a priority. The list will be appointed according to the national.

The new rules, only entry level

Ministry of Education officials, teachers working in other institutions can apply to recruitment. He, like the other applicant for employment on the basis of merit list will be considered. Earlier nibandhitaderao will be taken into consideration. The candidate registration medhatalikabahirbhuta merit list will be determined on the basis of the test is optional.

Pet of the recruitment process will be followed to enter only the first stage (entry-level) during the recruitment of teachers. Institute chief or assistant chief of the medical experience required for the post of the new rules do not apply in the case of the appointment.

NTRCA Teachers Appointed as New Rules