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HSC result 2016 -


HSC result 2016 Bangladesh

HSC result 2016 Bangladesh for All education board in BD publish across the Country sententiously. HSC exam result 2016 publish on The HSC Results will be announce Dhaka, Rajshahi, Comilla. Rongpur, Jessore, Chittagong, Barisal. Dinajpur, Sylhet, Technical and Madrasaha board HSC result 2016 on same time respectively. Any one can view her result by SMS and online both system. HSC result 2016 -

HSC result 2016

Near about 12 lac student are attend "HSC exam 2016". Bangladesh have 11 education board. 8 board is known by general board. One is technical board and others is Madrasaha board. HSC equivalent name is Alim. 3 April 2016 start HSC exam under all education board in Bangladesh. 22/06/2016 end the HSC exam 2016. This year HSC exam continue for political problem in Bangladesh.

[HSC Exam Result 2016 Publish Date is 18th August]

HSC result 2016 Online check here:

Everybody can able to view or check HSC result online here by education board results gov bd. It’s the popular system to view HSC exam result 2016 quickly. It’s 100% cost free system. Hope that most of the people are known, how to view HSC result 2016 online. if you don’t know the right system then don’t worry. Here describe details how to collect HSC result 2016 easily. In this case, at first you visit Bangladesh Education Board result published official website It’s the real and only result published website address. Here we are also upload HSC result 2016 view option.

When you able to view the HSC result check option then step by step provide those information. 1st provide your exam name. Like as HSC/Alim/Equivalent option. Next select your HSC exam year like as 2016. 3rd option select your education board name like as Dhaka. Then provide your HSC exam roll number. 

Finally fill up the math question solution. Like as 3+6=9. It’s just an example.

If you click the reset button then your all information must be delete. So be careful. If the result is published then a new tab open also Cary with your details HSC result 2016. If you unable to see your full all subject marksheet result then don’t worry. mark sheet result will be published two or three days later.

Our previous experience, when result published then HSC result provided link not working for few hours. So if you a new candidate and unable to understand where you provide your HSC exam information. Then don’t worry. We are upload a demo image look like as education board website. Hope that it’s should be helpful to check HSC result 2016. HSC result 2016 check by online It’s an example to the Education Board result view website. So anyone can easily understand how can check HSC result 2016. We are upload the image for new user who are not see before the education board official website.

HSC result 2016 view by SMS

It’s the another system to view HSC result 2016. Just sending a single SMS to collect HSC result with out any internet connection. If you busy or unable to browse internet then follow the SMS system to collect HSC result 2016. Return SMS you will see your result. SMS system is active when HSC result is published. it’s not a free method. Every SMS will be 2.30 taka charge. You can sending SMS from any operator. 

Like as GP, Robi, Teletalk, Banglalink, Airtel and others operator in Bangladesh. 
At first go to your mobile SMS option. 
Here type “HSC DHA 1234567 2016” send to 16222. 
Here 1st word is exam name like as HSC. 2nd word is board name like as Dhaka but three character only. 3rd word is your HSC exam roll number like as 123456. Last word is exam year like as 2016. Finally you can send the SMS to 16222 number. 
Just wait a minute, return SMS carry your HSC result information. First day you will able to see only GPA point. Example for Jessore Board: HSC <Space> Dhaka <Space> 1478520 <Space> 2016 send to 16222. 

When published HSC Exam result 2016 Bangladesh

At this time it’s very very difficult to say, when published HSC result 2016. We are hope that 10 to 14 August 2016 will be published HSC result. The result publish date is 18th August 2016. Already some of the daily newspaper in Bangladesh also announce the date. If everything is ready then HSC result announce on August 18, 2016. In previous year HSC result published on 9 Aug, 2015. If date is change then we should be inform all of the member who like our Facebook fan page. HSC result is available after 2:00 PM. Sometimes it’s over 3 to 4:00 PM for technical issue.

HSC exam result published date history:
  1.     HSC result 2016 published on 18 August 2016 (Possible date).
  2.     HSC exam result 2015 was published on 09 August 2015.
  3.     HSC exam result 2014 was published on 13 August 2014.
  4.     HSC exam result 2013 was published on 3rd August 2013.
  5.     HSC exam result 2012 was published on 18 July 2012.
  6.     HSC exam result 2011 was published on 27 July 2011.
HSC result 2016 with details marksheet

We are already said that, HSC result 2016 Marksheet is not available into the result published date. After single or two days later full marksheet result is available online. Then you can able to see your HSC exam all subject GPA. So don’t waste your time to search HSC result 2016 marksheet into the result day.

HSC result 2016 for Dhaka Board

Anyone can able to collect there HSC result from there own education board website. If you are a candidate of Dhaka education Board then visit official website of Hope that here you can able to see the result search option. If not found any option to get HSC result 2016 then visit Bangladesh Education Board website. Here you can search your HSC result by SMS. Just sending the SMS in this format. Example: HSC Dha 1234567 2016 send to 16222.

HSC result 2016 for Jessore Education Board

Under Jessore Board all college HSC result published same date and time. You can able to view or download HSC result 2016 from the official web link. Jessore Education Board is one of the most popular board in Bangladesh. If not found HSC result then visit Also you can able to collect Jessore board HSC result by SMS. Example: HSC Jes 2345678 2016 send to 16222.

HSC result 2016 for Rajshahi Education Board is the main website url of Rajshahi Education Board. Same date same time HSC result is available into Rajshahi board website. If you not seen HSC result then visit to get result quickly. If you want to view HSC result under Rajshahi Board by SMS. Just write HSC Raj 1234567 2016 send to 16222.

HSC result 2016 for Comilla Education Board

Most of the year Comilla Education Board collect the highest pass rate of Bangladesh. Hope that this year try to cary the same status. If you are a student under Comilla Education Board then visit the web link to get HSC exam result 2016. If not available any HSC result view link then visit If you sending SMS for Comilla board then follow that SMS format. Example: HSC Com 3456789 2016 send to 16222.
HSC result 2016 for Chittagong Education Board in Bangladesh

Chittagong Board HSC exam result 2016 published into the same date. So That board should be upload HSC result 2016 into there official website as Also result is available by SMS system for Chittagong Education Board. Example: HSC Chi 1234567 2016 send to 16222. Just follow our instruction to get HSC result quickly.

HSC result 2016 for Sylhet Board

Sylhet Education Board is famous for good HSC result after 2:00 pm HSC exam result published from Simply visit the link to get HSC result for Sylhet Board in Bangladesh. You can also try to get HSC result from Sylhet Board correct SMS format is HSC Syl 1234567 2016 send to 16222.

HSC result 2016 for Dinajpur Education Board

All of the processing is same to view HSC result from Dinajpur Education Board. Just visit Hope that you can get result so fast. Dinajpur Education Board HSC result is available after 2 or 3:00 PM. Real SMS format is HSC Din 4534567 2016 send to 16222. is the main Education board website in Bangladesh.

HSC result 2016 for Barisal Education Board is the formal website url of Barisal Education Board. It’s the biggest and highest educate board in Bangladesh. So everybody hope that Barisal Board will be get good passing rate. visit if you not seen any result download link. Also you can able to use the SMS system to collect result. Format is: HSC Bar 1234522 2016 send to 16222.

HSC exam result 2016 for Technical Board

It’s the fully different education board form others board in Bangladesh. here you can seen the HSC or equivalent result option at the same time. Just provide all of the right education information for tech education board. Vocational HSC result is also announce from Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Technical Board is situated into dhaka city. here you can try to get Tech result quickly. 
SMS format is HSC <Space> Tec <Space> 1478520 <Space> 2016 send to 16222.

Alim result 2016 for Madrasaha Education Board

Alim or equivalent result also announce under Madrasaha Board in Bangladesh. It’s website link is Just try to get the Alim result 2016 then should be write the url into your browser. If you unable to open the BMEB website then visit for search Alim result 2016. 
Alim result view SMS format is Alim <Space> Mad <Space> 1478520 <Space> 2016 send to 16222.

Hope that everybody able to collect HSC result 2016 BD by easy way. it’s save time if you follow our instruction. Here upload and write details information to check HSC result 2016. Online and SMS both system. Also update every all for Bangladesh Education  Board official website link. if any one unable to understand how to view HSC result 2016 then write a comment under our post. We are try to help to find HSC result. So best of luck for every student in Bangladesh.

HSC result 2016