Wednesday, April 13, 2016

National ID Card Online Registration (Voter ID Card)


National ID Card Online Registration (Voter ID Card) Bangladesh. National ID Card Registration Online by Election Commission ( Bangladesh Election Commission offer real chance to apply for Bangladeshi new 18 years old people for Voter ID Card or National ID Card. Check details of New Voter ID Registration Process from below.

New Voter ID Card Registration Online

National ID Card Online Registration (Voter ID Card). NID Card Registration Online Bangladesh is a current process of Election Commission. National ID card Registration was held before by hand to hand.

A number of agents are went ID card holder’s house & they were registration for NID Card. Maximum people of Bangladesh were held by this way but some people were cut down for some reason. They were waiting to register next year. New Voter ID card holders can registration by online. There are some rules for registration. Such as:-
  • Voter ID card has to be Bangladeshi by birth.
  • Age should be 18 as on 1st January (Thursday) 2015.
There are some important documents which are needed to registration. They are given below:-
  • SSC certificate (Age verification certificate)
  • Birth certificate (Age verification certificate)
  • Passport/ Driving License/ TIN (Age verification certificate)
  • Photocopy of Utility bill / house rent receipt/ holding tax receipt (Citizenship verification certificate)
  • Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
  • Photocopy of father, mother, husband/wife ID card (if applicable)

NID Card Online Registration

National ID Card Online Registration System

You can process Voter Registration online correctly. Remember it; if you are existing voters, no need to re-apply through online. And if you registered again then you will be punished. Only 18 years old people and Overseas or excluded Voters can register through online.

  • Please fill in the bland online Registration form step by step with valid information.
  • All information Fill in Bangla Language (Unicode) without your full name.
  • After completing all form fill-up step, please check again your all information.
  • Then make a PDF files to print and submit this file with the required documents on your closest Election office
  • When you submit all file then Election officers will verify your information, they will start process to create your Voter ID
The present National ID card or National ID card (NID) valid for 15 years, have the card owners’ names, their parents’ names, date of birth, and specific ID numbers on one side and the residential addresses on the other side.

National ID Card Online Registration (Voter ID Card)